In Virginia, Two House Democrats Are Fighting For Their Political Lives (Or Maybe Not)

Almost as soon as Joe Biden won the White House in 2020, House Republicans’ campaign arm started collecting data and birddogging the state-by-state redistricting processes that would reset the map for the midterms, the first full test of the new President’s coattails. The message was clear: cede no corner of the country to Democratic incumbents, double-check the math about each district, and assume money will be there to fund a coast-to-coast effort to force Nancy Pelosi once again from the Speaker’s Office. After all, Biden may have won the big prize on Election Day 2020, but House Republicans picked up 15 seats on the same ballots, including 12 that incumbent Democrats had sought to hold.
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By the time most of the new maps were put in place in recent weeks, Rep. Tom Emmer’s team at the National Republican Congressional Committee had identified 75 incumbent Democrats whose re-election bids would be aggressively contested, the biggest battleground considered by the party in years. Of those, fully 59 are places that as recently as two years ago were Biden territory. The message to party staffers, donors, and insiders alike was clear: don’t assume that Biden can shield his nominal allies. Already, the NRCC alone has reserved more than $100 million in television ads and is humming as well as ever. Given the current vacancies in the House, Republicans need to net just six seats to claim their own one-vote majority. (This, of course, assumes whoever leads the GOP in the next Congress can keep their caucus united.)

The reality lays bare just how much of a drag Biden and national Democrats’ all-but–mothballed agenda could be on the party’s hopes of defending their incredibly narrow majority against abysmal poll numbers, not to mention the history that a president’s party typically faces losses in …read more

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