Angelina Jolie: On World Refugee Day, Let’s Commit To Finding a Better Way

Every day more than two children are killed, and are four injured, in the conflict in Ukraine. After over 100 days of war, almost two-thirds of Ukrainian children have been displaced.

Conflict exposes the vulnerability of children, and greatly increases it. As well as physical harm, there is the trauma: the effect of displacement, of nights spent listening to bombardment, of being separated from family, of seeing friends and relations killed. Trauma stops the dreaming. Not just because the nightmares come, but the dreaming that pulls up life forward. The thinking about what we might create. What might improve. Who we might love. Trauma destroys what the child was born to be.
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We are more aware of the reality and impact of war than ever before. But for all our awareness, the risk to children is getting greater. There are now more conflicts raging than at any point since the Second World War. One in every six children worldwide—426 million—lives in a conflict zone.

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The conflict in Ukraine has taken the number of displaced people worldwide past 100 million—higher than ever before recorded. More than one in every hundred people worldwide is displaced, as a refugee, asylum seeker, or within their own country—beyond the population of the UK, or France, or Germany. Of these 100 million, perhaps 40 million are children forced from their homes and their communities. For them, the future looks bleak.

We have to recognize that our systems for preventing conflict and mass human displacement, and defending human rights, are not working. Three-quarters of refugees live in protracted situations, where return to their country of origin is impossible because the problems they fled persist. Aid relief is now stretched so thin that the World Food Programme has …read more

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