‘The Mayor Was Definitely Intoxicated’: Jan. 6 Panel Highlights Giuliani Role in Trump’s Election Lie

It was election night at the White House, and Rudy Giuliani was drunk and wanted to talk to the President, according to testimony from Donald Trump’s aides. Giuliani had served as Trump’s personal lawyer in recent years, and his efforts on behalf of the president had played a central role in Trump’s impeachment a year earlier.

Trump’s top advisors had tried to keep Giuliani from Trump for most of the night, and were huddled with the former New York City mayor on the first floor of the White House, in an antechamber next to the historic Map Room.
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“The mayor was definitely intoxicated,” Jason Miller said in a recorded deposition that was shown publicly for the first time on Monday during the House Jan. 6 committee’s second public hearing. Giuliani wanted Trump to ignore the math and declare victory, immediately. “‘We need to go and say that we won,’” Miller recalled Giuliani saying, and that anyone who disagreed “was being weak.”

That same night, Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, had a tense meeting with the president in which he counseled him that “the votes were still being counted” and “it was too early to call the race.” Stepien had warned the president that key mail-in voting tallies coming in later on election night would likely weigh toward Joe Biden, as Trump had told his supporters not to trust mail-in ballots. Trump “thought I was wrong, and he told me so,” Stepien said.

The two scenes demonstrated a central thesis that the Jan. 6 Committee worked to convey to the American public on Monday: that Trump had plenty of advisers trying to convince him of the truth, but that he willfully chose to listen to those telling him what he wanted to hear.

Trump ultimately followed Giuliani’s plan and declared …read more

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