Sheree Whitfield: My Boyfriend Went to Jail For Stealing $5 Million!

Sheree Whitfield on Bravo

When Sheree Whitfield got fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta back in 2018, many fans stopped checking in on the Georgia-based fashion designer.

That sort of thing happens once the spotlight fades and the cameras stop rolling.

But now, Sheree is back on RHOA, and it seems that the years of her absence were so eventful that she could’ve launched a reality show of her own!

For starters, there’s a new man in Sheree’s life, and Bravo viewers aren’t the only ones who are just now getting to know him.

Whitfield’s friends are also being introduced to Tyrone Gilliams for the first time.

And that’s because Tyrone been in prison for the most of the time he’s been dating Sheree.

Yes, the mother of three went the Love After Lockup route with her new relationship, but these days, Tyrone is a free man, and it looks as though he and Sheree are very much looking forward to their future together.

“Tyrone has been around for a while,” Sheree said in a confessional segment.

“I put in so much time with this guy, gave him all of me, my entire heart. I set idle for many many years for Tyrone. I owe it to myself to see where it goes, and how it goes, and if love conquers all.”

So why was Gilliam locked up to begin with?

Well, according to a new report from Starcasm, Sheree’s new boo engineered a Ponzi scheme that allowed him to funnel more than $5 million from investors.

He would collect his victims’ money with a promise to invest it on their behalf, but most of it he just kept for himself or used to finance massive star-studded charity events with his name on them. 

One of these was the “Joy to the World Fest” which was held in Philadelphia in 2010.

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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