Kim Kardashian: Was She Being Insensitive By Wearing the Dress Marilyn Monroe Made Famous Shortly Before Her Death?

Kim Kardashian Goes Full Norma Jean

The Met Gala is always chock full of wild fashion statements, but at this year’s event, Kim Kardashian outdid her flashier rivals with a surprisingly understated look.

At first glance, there was nothing particularly memorable about Kim’s dress.

She looked gorgeous, of course, but she always does — and by Met Gala standards, the outfit was almost low-key.

But once you know the story behind Kim’s latest fashion stunt, it’s impossible not to be floored by one of the most audacious Met looks in recent memory.

The gown was given to Kim on loan from the Orlando Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, an organization that’s not exactly in the habit of clothing celebrities.

The dress was originally worn by Marilyn Monroe on the night that she famously serenaded President John F. Kennedy on the occasion of his 45th birthday.

It’s an iconic moment in the history of American pop culture, one that’s been parodied and played for laughs countless times in film and television.

But as many have pointed out on social media today, the circumstances surrounding that iconic moment were much more sad than funny.

At the time, Marilyn was carrying on affairs with both JFK and his brother and attorney general, Robert Kennedy.

Within three months of her performance, Monroe would be dead from an overdose that may have been intentional.

Whatever the case, many of who were those closest to the screen icon have long maintained that the Kennedys played a role in her death, whether indirectly or otherwise.

Her simultaneous affairs with two of the world’s most powerful men reportedly took a tremendous emotional toll on Marilyn.

For decades, it’s been rumored that JFK was so embarrassed by Monroe’s sultry performance at his birthday celebration that he ended his relationship with the actress and encouraged his brother to do the same.

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Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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