Jed Duggar & Katey Nakatsu Flee Arkansas Ahead of Josh’s Trial

Jed and Katey's Honeymoon

We’re less than one week away from the start of Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial, and insiders say every member of the family is handling the stress differently.

Some, of course, are seeking to distract themselves.

This seems to be the approach favored by Jim Bob Duggar, who recently announced that he’s running for a seat in the Arkansas State Senate.

Then there are those who are simply trying to distance themselves as much as possible from the more problematic members of their family.

And it appears that Jed Duggar has decided to follow in Jill and Jinger’s footsteps by doing exactly that.

As you may know, Jed married Katey Nakatsu back in April, and the couple got right to work on starting a family.

Back in September, Jed and Katey announced that they’re expecting their first child, so we suppose they’re entering an especially joyous holiday season.

And they’re doing so very, very far from Arkansas.

According to an Instagram Story that briefly appeared on the page of Katey’s brother Reed, she and Jed have decided to spend Thanksgiving in Los Angeles.

It seems that they’ll be staying with Reed, who’s a hairdresser in the area.

But we’re sure Jed and Katey will also make some time to pay a visit to Jinger, who relocated to the West Coast back in 2019.

There was a time, not all that long ago, when any of the Duggars spending the holidays separately would’ve been unimaginable.

While Christmas is always the highlight of thre family’s festive calendar, Thanksgiving used to hold a special importance to the family as the unofficial start of the Yuletide season.

And Jed has long been regarded as sort of a mini-me to patriarch Jim Bob, having recently revealed his desire to enter the political arena.

Jed ran for the Arkansas State House …read more

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