Mackenzie McKee: This is SO Unfair! Why Am I Being Canceled?!?

Mackenzie Mckee is Angry

Mackenzie McKee is a main cast member on Teen Mom OG.

She has over one million followers on Instagram and over 362,000 Twitter followers and over 550,000 people have signed up to watch her on TikTok.

And yet:

The very popular and widely-seen reality star swears she’s being canceled.

And she thinks it’s so very unfair, you guys.

Back in January, McKee referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a “colored” woman.

She received understandable backlash for using this term and later apologized for it, claiming awhile back that she was unaware of any negative connotations associated with the label.

Why has this supposed misstep come back up of late?

Because McKee says MTV did not allow her to properly address the mistake in public after she made it because Teen Mom producers wanted to see her feud with Cheyenne Floyd play out on air.

Now that the episode has aired in which Floyd takes issue with the epithet?

McKee is afraid she’ll be fired.

“Every single day. I do not stand for racism and Never have,” McKee said recently on Instagram.

“I’ve learned so much and every one of us needs to open our eyes. I’m truly sorry for what I once said.”

Fair enough, right?

Most observers appear to have moved on from McKee’s word usage, especially now that the latest season of Teen Mom OG is over.

Except McKee herself hasn’t moved on.

She continues to bring up the controversy and continues to claim she’s being erased from the pop culture universe.

On TikTok, for example, McKee addressed parents across the globe with this scenario:

“When you are a mom… and that child makes one little mistake because they’re human and that’s what humans do, do we let that define everything about them?

“Do we automatically dismiss all the good they do… and we cancel them?”

We’ll play along here and give McKee …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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