How Ascend Agency CEO Jonathan Jadali is Helping Startups Succeed

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The phrase “better to die than to live on with a bad reputation” has been proven to be increasingly true in today’s business climate. Reputation Management has become an obsession with most top brands. This only underlines the need for new brands to get their act right in building their brand reputation.

Jonathan Jadali is CEO of Ascend Agency, one of America’s leading PR and marketing firms. In his role as the head of Ascend Agency, he has helped countless new businesses find their feet fast and accelerate their development.

Jadali started Ascend Agency in the forefront of the Coronavirus pandemic and has grown it into a 6-figure yielding business that has built a very diverse client base from multi-industry startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Jadali has long shared his knowledge of how he has made so much progress in so little time and believes that aspiring entrepreneurs need to position themselves favorably on the internet. 

Here,  Jadali’s “3 P’s” to successful reputation and brand building:


“The internet is the great leveler, there are no big and small companies anymore. In the age of the internet, if you seem big, then you are; it is all about perception and getting perceived the right way”.— Jonathan Jadali

From the day Ascend Agency launched, Jadali has helped startups launch and compete favorably with larger brands in their industries by enhancing their online reputation with the plethora of services that Ascend Agency provides. The strategy behind the company has been focused on getting businesses to “ascend” from where they are to where they dream of being.

Jadali is a firm believer that in today’s business climate, reputation is an essential foundational to success. In his words, “Your reputation is not everything you need to succeed, because you still need to back it up with excellent …read more

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