Josh and Anna Duggar: We Got Engaged Before We Ever Even Went on a Date!

Josh Duggar and Fam

We probably don’t need to tell you that the Duggars have some bizarre customs and beliefs when it comes to dating and relationships.

The Duggar courtship rules are almost as famous as the family itself, and for good reason:

Like Jim Bob and Michelle, they’re weird AF, and more than a little gross.

To this day, Jim Bob and Michelle’s adult children are forbidden to go further than hugging and hand-holding prior to their wedding night.

(And even the hand-holding comes with strict time limits.)

The rules seem to have been loosened a little bit in recent years, but there’s no denying that the damage has already been done.

The first two Duggars to meet their spouses under this asinine system didn’t exactly turn out the way that their parents intended/

The Josh Duggar sex scandals served as comnfirmation of what many critics already expected — the 19 Kids and Counting clan was hiding some very dark secrets.

Years later, Jill Duggar cut ties with her parents as a result of differences in their belief system.

These days, Jim Bob and Michelle would probably prefer to never again see Josh’s name in print, but thankfully, the public won’t let them forget the heinous acts he was involed in, or the role his parents played in the cover-up.

Did his bizarre upbringing play a role in Josh’s adolescent deptravity?

We may never know for sure, but bizarre revelations about his relationship with wife Anna Duggar continue to surface on a regular basis.

This week’s bombshell comes to us courtesy of Reddit, where the heroes of the r/DuggarSnark channel continue to unearth embarrassing tidbits from the family’s recent past.

The latest concerns the bizarre courtship of Josh and Anna Duggar.

We already knew that Josh’s proposal — which was captured by a TLC camera crew — was beyond awkward.

Josh decided to surprise …read more

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