Amber Portwood and Dimitri Garcia: Is It Over?

Amber Portwood's Boyfriend Dmitri

Last week, Amber Portwood announced that she was leaving social media because of “bullies” who dared to mention that she’s a domestic abuser.

Now she has returned to express that she is broken-hearted. Did Dimitri finally leave her?

Amber Portwood has fans wondering what is going on in her love life.

Amber has been in a relationship with Dimitri Garcia, her Belgian bae, for many months now.

But as you take a look at her surprising new post this week, things are looking grim for the couple.

Before we get into Amber’s caption, we should talk about the image itself.

The image depics a stylized heart made of tangles of jagged metal.

The heart appears to be broken or in the process of breaking, with pieces of scrap drifting away from it.

“Such disappointment tonight honestly,” Amber wrote on Tuesday, July 28.

“Sending love to my amazing followers,” she added, “who have been here since day one throughout all the struggles.”

Amber’s caption concluded: ‘Goodnight sweethearts! I’ve been up for 2 hour’s so hopefully I’ll go back to sleep now. Thank’s for the help [loves].”

Disappointment is one thing. Disappointment alongside some sort of wounded heart graphic is another.

Are Amber and Dimitri over?

Some fans are concerned. If we look at broader context, perhaps the truth will begin to take shape.

Amber and Dimitri made their TV debut in April, but had of course begun dating months earlier.

In June, Dimitri confirmed that the two of them were speaking regularly — and had been separated for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regular phone conversations are great, but it’s not the same as seeing one another in person.

Did being separated by an entire ocean finally end things for the two of them?

After all, not everyone is cut out for a long-distance relationship, as many people who have …read more

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