Ramona Singer Flips Out at Leah McSweeney, Threatens to QUIT RHONY!

Ramona singer flips out at leah mcsweeney threatens to quit rhon

Our favorite accidental alcoholism documentary, The Real Housewives of New York City, went wild this week for Ramona Singer’s birthday party.

Everyone was having fun … except for Ramona, who seemed poised to flip out at Leah. When she did, she threatened to quit the show.

Apparently, Ramona’s birthday party had a secret Footloose theme, because she did not like dancing.

Actually, we don’t remember her taking an issue with anyone else’s dancing. Not Dorinda’s, not Elyse’s, and not even Sonja’s.

But Leah? When Ramona saw her dancing with Luann, you’d think that she had stripped naked and started a food fight.

Actually, speaking of Leah and “naked,” Ramona’s first response upon seeing Leah — when she spoke to her — was to examine her dress.

Like an overly controlling mother policing what her teenage daughter wears on a date, Ramona looked her up and down.

The dress had a liner, folks. It was form fitting and nice looking but Leah did not have her whole p–sy out, despite Ramona’s suspicions.

At first, Ramona’s party goes as she expects. It’s 100 rich women in a large room.

Leah acknowledges that the room looks like the beginning of MILF porn. We will take her word for it.

Ladies chat among themselves and have their photos taken.

It is worth noting that, while some of the Housewives are being careful about not drinking, others — like Dorinda and Sonja — are showing less restraint.

Sonja, in particular, begins dancing by herself and honestly? We’re living for that energy of hers.

Also, Sonja’s drunken dancing turns out to be a bit of a Chekhov’s Gun fo the evening.

Leah doesn’t have to be smashed to have a good time.

Approaching Luann, who also knows how to party (even without alcohol), she begins to give Luann a bit of a lapdance.

Luann throws back her head and laughs in delight. …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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