Jill Duggar Swimsuit Photos: REVEALED! Eye-Popping!

Jill and Amy Duggar Party With Their Husbands

Earlier this week, we reported on a very unexpected development in the relationship between Jill Duggar and her father, Jim Bob.

It seems that Jill skipped her Jim Bob’s birthday party so that she could hang out at a bar with her cousin Amy.

Now that may not sound like such a big deal until you realize that Jim Bob doesn’t approve of bars, drinking, or Jill’s cousin Amy.

The move was seen as the latest step in Jill’s ongoing rebellion against Jim Bob.

It was expected that Jill would continue to break her father’s rules and defy his expectations/

So you can imagine the surprise of fans when they saw Jill’s new swimsuit pics and realized that she’s still abiding by the ultra-strict Duggar dress code.

The shocking thing here, of course, is not that Jill is showing off a lot of skin in a revealing new suit.

In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Clearly, Jill still favors a very conservative look, even when its time for some pooliside lounging.

Her pics call to mind Jessa Duggar’s swimsuit photos from several years ago, which served as our first glimpse of the insane amount of fabric that Jim Bob’s daughters are forced to wear while taking a dip.

Jill’s swimsuit pics from 2018 confirmed tjhat it was a family-wide rule.

But many expected — and hoped, and prayed — thay Jill’s newfound indepence would mean that she would be permitted to leave her family’s riciculous dress code in the dust.

But apparently that’s not the case.

The photos were posted as part of a paid sponsorship deal with a company called Modil Fashion.

And to her credit, Jill didn’t try to pass it off as anything else.

“Are you spending a lot of extra time in the water this year?” she asked her fans in the …read more

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