Sister Wives: Who is Stuck in Isolation with Kody Brown?

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

As we’ve seen play out on every Sister Wives episode this season, Kody Brown wants all his spouses to live under the same roof.

The spouses all hate this idea and construction hasn’t even started on Kody’s dream mansion in Flagstaff yet, which means the women remain spread out at the moment, living on their own and only spending time with Kody on occasion.

At least… that used to be the case.

The United States, as you must know by now, is basically on total lock-down.

Those who are listening to the health experts are rightfully keeping their distance from anyone outside their immediate family — but this raises an interesting question for a unique family such as the Browns.

Who, exactly, is living with whom?

To be more precise: Who, exactly, is stuck inside all day and night with Kody Brown, who has come across this season like more of a selfish jerk than ever before?

Could it be Meri?

Via social media posts, this often-unhappy Sister Wife has said she was actually scheduled to go on a cruise this month… until the trip was justifiably canceled.

Since then, Meri has posted several photos of herself out in nature or at home with her dog.

We’ve seen nothing on Instagram to indicate she’s spending any time with Kody at all.

Could it be Christine?

Her latest Instagram photo features her at home witha bunch of kids, everyone trying to kill time by trying on some facials.

We don’t see Kody anywhere in the following group snapshot, do you?

Could it be Janelle?

She shared photos this week of a giant snowstorm outside her window, and she also gave props to a local movie theater that is closed… yet is offering folks some of its delicious popcorn.

There are no photos of Kody.

And no mentions of Kody.

Could it be Robyn?

A-ha! …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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