Matt Roloff Gushes Over Caryn Chandler, Discusses “Wedding Bells”

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler in Arizona

Little People, Big World star chose a subtle way to respond to cheating allegations. That’s a tricky topic to approach.

When it comes to talking about wedding plans with Caryn Chandler, however, Matt is much more direct.

Matt Roloff sat down for an interview on the podcast, First Class Fatherhood, to discuss his longtime romance with Caryn.

“There’s no immediate wedding bells yet,” Matt says.

“Caryn and I are kind of waiting to let [ex-wife Amy Roloff’s wedding] excitement play out,” he explains.

But when it comes to an engagement and marriage, he warns: “but no wedding bells planned [just] yet.”

“I hope one day that there are,” Matt expresses, “and [there] probably will be.”

“Caryn and I are very close,” he affirms.

“We enjoy each other’s company and friendship immensely. …” Matt expresses.

That much has been abundantly clear for quite some time.

“We’re dating and having fun together,” Matt characterizes their relationship.

They are enjoying each other’s company “and living our best lives.”

Matt also purchased a vacation home — a house belonging to Caryn’s parents — in Arizona.

He for some reason prefers the weather in Arizona to Oregon, and has enjoyed vacationing there with Caryn.

“My kids seem to really accept Caryn very, very well,” Matt shares.

That has been clear, even if it is a little surprising considering that his emotional bond with Caryn allegedly began before his divorce.

Speaking of his family and Caryn, Matt says: “They spend a lot of time together.”

“She’s a great, sort of, surrogate [grandma]” to his precious grandchildren, he adds.

“They call her Cha-Cha,” Matt says, referring to hids grandkids.

Notably, his grandchildren are very young — half of them are still newborns.

“The grandkids love spending time with her,” Matt affirms.

“And,” he states, “she loves spending time [with them].”

“She’s very, very active” in helping to …read more

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