Lori Loughlin: You Can’t Send Me to Jail! I’m the Victim of a Conspiracy!


We’re living in unprecedented times, but even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, some things remain constant.

For example, as has been the case for the past year, Lori Loughlin is still headed to prison.

Yes, more than 12 months after the college admissions bribery scandal stunned the world, the former Full House star still hasn’t gone to trial.

Loughlin refused a plea deal, and at the time, she was widely derided for doing so.

Now, however, it seems that may have been a savvier move than we initially thought.

According to a new report from TMZ, Loughlin’s legal team is demanding that her case be thrown out.

And they might actually have a decent argument for doing so.

Lori’s lawyers are flipping the script and accusing prosecutors of foul play.

They say the say the U.S. Attorney’s Office is guilty of gross misconduct, which involves coercing witnesses, most notably Rick Singer, the alleged ringleader of the bribery scheme.

Loughlin’s attorneys argue that she gave the bribe money to Singer under the mistaken belief that it was a donation to USC that would her daughters’ chances of being admitted.

They say that Singer was clear about this in his initial conversations with prosecutors, but he was browbeaten into changing his story.

At one point, Singer stated that his clients “typically do not know that [former USC official Donna] Heinel is involved until the time of their first payment.”

Team Loughlin says this is proof that Lori did not know she was paying out a bribe, but instead believed she was making a donation.

They say this version of events is corroborated by her initial statements to prosecutors.

“Yeah, no, no I — I had questions about USC,” the actress said last year.

“I was like, ‘Well, maybe the way they got in you’re not supposed to get in like …read more

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