13 Things on the Internet to Lift Your Spirits Right Now

It is unpleasant, frightening and often lonely to be living in the time of a global pandemic. But as the coronavirus’ continuing spread contains people across the world in isolation in our homes, good citizens of the internet have stepped up to help fill the void of physical human connection. In fact, the closure of physical venues has made it a boom time for online content: musicians are live-streaming free shows from their living rooms; zoos are offering an animal’s-eye view into a world without humans; celebrities are showing us their unvarnished selves, with PSAs tucked in; and meme-makers are discovering a new frontier of viral humor.

There are lots of ways to help out during this time — read here to see how you can pitch in. But for those moments when you just need a quick pick-me-up, here are a few things that have distracted, delighted and entertained us in this strange, new, primarily virtual reality.

Harry Styles singing for us

Music is a balm. Thank goodness for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, then, which filmed with Harry Styles before shelter-in-place mandates went out. In this intimate performance, Styles — in a cozy-looking baby-blue sweater — sings folksy rock songs with sweet harmonies, interspersed with his aw-shucks explanations behind the tunes and his recording process. Styles’ tagline is “treat people with kindness,” and in the midst of coronavirus confusion and despair, that motto feels more comforting and necessary than ever.

Patrick Stewart reading sonnets

Poetry is soothing. Patrick Stewart, known to most for Star Trek but also a longtime member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, knows this. His contribution to the good-celebrities-of-coronavirus era is daily sonnet readings, delivered over social media in his stately manner. Tune in each day for a wash of calmness that only one of our …read more

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