So you want to buy an election?

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg has made it clear he is going to try to buy the presidency. His campaign spent over $188 million of his own money in just the last quarter of 2019, more than all other candidates combined, and he has already spent more than $300 million on ads. He says he is prepared to spend a billion dollars of his $61 billion fortune.

If he is going to buy this election, though, he should at least do it more directly.

So far, basically all of Bloomberg’s money is going to highly-paid political consultants and to giant ad buys directed to television networks and massive social media companies. Sure, he is offering $150 to people with modest followings on social media to try to make him look popular, but this firehose of campaign money is mostly directed at people and companies with plenty of money already. Let’s at least make sure some of this tsunami of cash trickles down.

What Bloomberg should do is pledge to donate $5 to worthy causes for every $1 dollar he spends on traditional campaign tactics. This would do four things:

1. Let him shamelessly try to buy the election more directly by putting money in key voters pockets.

2. Prove he is serious about his plan to raise taxes on rich people like himself, since $5 billion is easily how much more he would have paid if his tax plan had been in place before.

3. Prove his commitment to specific issues that are important to Democratic voters.

4. Have zero negative impact on his life because even after giving $5 billion away he would still be one of the 20 richest people on earth.

Bloomberg could prove his commitment to climate change while courting super Tuesday voters by promising to personally pay for …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics


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