House Hunters Praised for Featuring Polyamorous Throuple!

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A lot of people have a love-hate relationship with House Hunters and similar shows. But right now, a lot of people are only feeling love.

The HGTV series featured a throuple — a committed polyamorous relationship of three people — and fans are showing the episode with praise.

The House Hunters episode, “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” showed a throuple whose relationship added a layer to home-shopping.

Brian and Lori met, were legally married, and had two children.

Then, they met Angelica — and they both fell in love with her.

Though polyamorous marriage is unfortunately not legally recognized in the United States, they held a commitment ceremony with Angelica.

Their throuple status may make their lives richer and happier, but it does make things a little complicated when it comes to house-hunting.

The family is moving from Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado. They want a house that suits their needs.

On top of everyone’s very specific desires for the home, they simply need to have enough room.

That means a three-car garage. That means a kitchen with enough space for three adults. And that means a sizable bedroom for their very big bed.

Polyamory in its various forms is rarely represented on television, let alone reality TV.

Viewers were overjoyed to see a throuple home-shopping, finding it encouraging and, frankly, educational.

“I was legit about to change the channel until I heard throuple,” one fan tweeted. “You have my FULL attention now!”

“I have never sent a tweet about #HouseHunters until tonight,” another confessed. “Bravo #hgtv, you got me with the throuple.”

“Holy s–t a poly couple and the word bisexual used on #HouseHunters ???? WOW NICE I DIG,” another tweet praised.

Notably, a lot of television treats “bisexual” as a no-no word. On scripted television, even overtly bi characters describe themselves as “flexible” or “open-minded.”

“HGTV really might be the most …read more

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