Audrey Roloff Reveals New Medical Diagnosis, Difficulty Walking

Strolling with Ember

Audrey Roloff could not be happier to be a mother for the second time.

But, in some way, the former reality television star could not be in any more pain, either.

The ex-Little People, Big World star welcomed son Bode into the world just over a month ago.

Ever since, she has been as open and as candid as a new parent can be — sharing new photos of the adorable baby, along with details of the delivery and also a look at the physical manifestations of such an experience.

Previously, Audrey told Instagram followers that she sadly has mastitis.

This is an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection and it can result in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness.

Audrey suffered from the condition after giving birth to daughter Ember, as well.

“Just keepin it real over here while this past week has been full of newborn snuggles and heart melting moments… it’s also been really hard,” confessed Audrey in mid-January, adding at the time:

“I came down with the dreaded “M word” a couple days ago… *cough* mastitis *cough.

“I’ve been fighting it with all the things and thankfully my fever is dropping and I’m starting to feel a little better today.”

This condition also makes it painful for one to breastfeed, which can be extremely frustrating for a mother.

Now, meanwhile, Audrey has shared a new photo of herself out and above, taking Ember for a stroll.

It’s a very sweet picture (far above), but it came with an unfortunate health update.

“A walk around the farm is about all I can do these days. (Thank you, symphysis pubis disfunction),” Roloff wrote as a caption to this picture.

“I’m really hoping my pelvic bones can heal back soon because I’m so eager to get Ember girl on skis this winter/spring, and I can’t wait …read more

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