Jana Duggar Blasted on Instagram: Stop Cashing In on Your Fans!

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo

It’s Jinger Duggar who has a reputation as her family’s resident rebel, but Jana is a bit of a rulebreaker in her own right.

For instance, Jana has an Instagram account, making her the first unattached Duggar to join social media.

Usually, Duggar kids are forbidden to join the world of selfies and hot takes until after they’ve entered a courtship.

Jana said nuts to all that and hopped on the ‘Gram last year.

Insiders say she didn’t receive much resistance from her parents, which makes sense.

After all, Jana is 30 now, and incidents of Instagram users being tricked into worshipping Satan becuase their husbands weren’t there to intervene are reportedly quite low.

Not only that, the Duggars aren’t as well-off as they used to be, and Jana has earning potential that she can’t take advantage of just sitting at home.

These days, it seems that Jana is launching a one-woman media empire.

The goal is to rebrand herself as sort of evangelical lifestyle guru — a Martha Stewart for the fundamentalist set.

Jana is following a blueprint that’s been used effectively by other top users, and she’s currently uploading a lot of original content to YouTube and using her Instagram page to promote the channel.

The problem is, a lot of her followers aren’t very bright, so when Jana links to her YouTube channel from Instagram, they think she’s promoting sponsored content from a third party.

“Just posted a new video on my YouTube channel! Simple steps and how I do my own gel nails at home! The link is in my bio,” Jana recently posted.

“Jana, love your posts and craftiness video, but not the paid commercials on gel nails …” one fan replied, seemingly missing the point.

Jana generally isn’t the combative type, but in this case, she was quick to set …read more

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