Defining the doctrine of our age

What does “neoliberalism” really mean?

The magazine Teen Boss, styled as Teen Bo$$, launched in September 2017. Where Mizz, the tween magazine published between 1985 and 2013, proffered free keyrings and ran stories about teenage mothers, Teen Boss grooms its readers for a world where entrepreneurial ingenuity is considered an aspirational aesthetic.

Hot neon pink and yellow headlines – “Turn Your Piggy Bank Into Millions!” “How To Build Your Brand By Being You!” – are interspersed with perky photos of adolescent YouTubers. Its content reflects an obsession with cultivating profitable “side hustles” and personal branding aimed at turning selfhood into a commercial enterprise.

In Lee, south-east London, a copy of Teen Boss appears in the window of the Museum of Neoliberalism, a new space that curates the history and effects of its eponymous ideology. Appearing next to Teen Boss is an advertisement for the online freelancer marketplace Fiverr that celebrates the people who are “doers”: those who “eat coffee for lunch” and whose drug of choice is “sleep deprivation”. The ad, which went viral in 2017, ignored the lack of social security – freelance workers receive no sick pay, maternity leave or health insurance – that made the platform’s success possible.

The small museum began its life as a temporary installation at The World Transformed festival during the 2019 Labour party conference, and moved to its current location last November. It is the creation of artist Darren Cullen and curator Gavin Grindon, who first met in 2015 when working on Dismaland, Banksy’s temporary apocalyptic theme park in Weston-super-Mare.

Their true inspiration, however, was the Thatcher museum and library – a monument to the former prime minister that is yet to be built seven years after plans were announced by a Conservative pressure group in 2013.

“I thought – we should do a real Thatcher museum,” Cullen …read more

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