Sony Showed Up to CES With a Radically Different Concept Car. A Top Executive Told Us Why

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Sony revealed the next generation of its 8K television lineup, its own take on the electric car with the Sony Vision-S, and more.

The Vision-S, an electric concept car focused on “safety, entertainment, and adaptability,” incorporates Sony’s automotive-focused imaging technology, and is surrounded by an array of sensors Sony is calling the “Safety Cocoon,” which provides the Vision-S with a 360-degree view of its environment and any potential hazards. Of course, it makes sense when you remember Sony’s recent focus on the automotive industry, and former Sony chairman Kaz Hirai’s last CES, when he declared that the company would be “taking a leadership position” when it came to providing sensor technology to the automotive industry.

TIME spoke to Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo at CES about what the Vision-S means for Sony as an automotive company, and how its march toward more commercial technology doesn’t preclude an abandonment of its most loyal customers. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

TIME: Is the Vision-S a concept car simply because you haven’t bought a manufacturing plant, or is it more of a showcase of the talents Sony possesses?

Fasulo: The latter. Let me explain that a little bit. It’s built around our core technologies, or at least the parts that we are focused on, which are safety, security, and entertainment. The reason we designed the car was, from Ken’s view, to understand from scratch what the engineering feats are, so that we can provide what we do best when it comes to trends in automobiles, autonomous or otherwise.

So there are 33 sensors inside and outside the car, and they are there for different purposes. On the outside, image sensors can detect things the human eye or the human being can’t, and prevent …read more

Source:: Time – Technology


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