Teresa Giudice Accused of Cutting Ties With Joe at Crucial Time!

Teresa Touches Joe

One way or another, Joe Giudice’s grueiling legal battle will soon come to an end.

As you’re probably aware, Giudice is currently being held in an ICE detention center awaiting deportation to his native Italy.

The country is Joe’s homeland only in the strictest sense, as his family relocated to the US when he was just a toddler, and he never even learned the language.

So it’s not hard to see why Giudice is fighting his forced removal tooth and nail.

As a father of four who’s lived in the US for the vast majority of his life, Juicy Joe initially seemed like a prime candidate for leniency.

But in recent months Giudice’s appeals have been rejected time and again, and insiders say the former Real Housewives of New Jersey has begun to slowly embrace his fate.

Earlier this week, Giudice issued an ultimatum to the authorities who will decide his fate:

Either let me enjoy my final days in America at home with my family, or deport me immediately.

Fans have been moved by the desperate plea to be released from the ICE facility.

But it seems one important figure in his life couldn’t care less about Joe’s plight.

According to Radar Online, Teresa Giudice has not attended any of Joe’s recent court dates.

In a sense that’s not terribly surprising.

After all, Teresa has already made it clear that she’ll divorce Joe if he’s deported.

In fact, it appears she’s already moved on, as she’s rumored to be dating Blake Schreck.

Still, Joe’s family is reportedly stunned and appalled by Teresa’s callousness.

“They’re all so angry with her,” a family insider tells Radar.

“They all want to know why this is the very first hearing she’s ever been to, and why she never seemed to do anything to help earlier.”

While the decision to skip the court hearings …read more

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