Jenelle Evans: Did She FAKE the David Eason Dog-Shooting Incident?

Jenelle evans and nugget

By now, yopu’ve probably heard the entire sordid story of how Jenelle Evans lost custody of her kids.

The short version goes something like this:

David Eason shot and killed Jenelle’s dog in a fit of rage; the entire world freaked out because who the hell does that; CPS investigated and took the kids away to homes with fewer dog murders.

By now, most of us familiar with that narrative.

But this is Jenelle Evans we’re talking about, which means there might be several layers of dishonesty, fabrication, and flat-out BS in plahy here.

Sure, no sane person would ever pretend that their husband executed the family dog, but that doesn’t mean Jenelle would never do such a thing.

Yes, believe it or not, police now believe Evans might have made the whole thing up for publicity.

Check out the latest wild allegation against the former Teen Mom 2 star:

1. The Nugget Incident

Back in April, Jenelle told police that Jenelle shot and killed her French bulldog, Nugget, after the animal allegedly made a threatening gesture toward her 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

2. Partner In Crime

David has corroborated that story many times since, claiming that he made a split-second decision and dragged Nugget out of the house and shot him.

3. “Evidence”

Eason even posted this photo which he claims shows a scratch on Ensley’s face, which was left there by David.

4. David’s Defense

“I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face… whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that shit at all. I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission,” Eason wrote in a since-deleted social media tirade.

5. Not the Brightest Bulb

“Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me. You can hate …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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