The Bachelorette Recap: Which Luke Did Hannah Choose?

Hannah Brown in Scotland

Two Lukes entered on The Bachelorette this week, both hoping to enter Hannah Brown at some point.

But only one Luke left.

Indeed, the rare Tuesday installment of this beloved ABC franchise produced what amounted to a one-on-one battle for Hannah’s affections, following some serious back and forth between two men with the same first name.

Would producers make Hannah choose the stalker-ish one who declared his ever-lasting love for her after about three hours?

Or the one who warned her that this guy is a phony who isn’t exactly on the level?

This is what it came down to for Brown this week, who jetted off to Scotland while pondering the decision and giving each suitor a forum with which he could trash the other.

More or less, that is.

At one point, Hannah pulled the two Lukes aside to get them to talk out their differences.

The Bachelorette told these fellas, who previously got into a physical altercation on the rugby pitch, that she was irritated with their accusations against each other, along with their perceived dishonesty.

“I’m not going to sit here and ever tell Hannah anything I don’t believe,” Luke P. said, adding he didn’t see Luke S. as “a fit” for the woman he wanted to be his wife.

Added Luke Parker:

“At the end of the day, I told Hannah how I feel. My feelings about you being here for the right reasons haven’t changed.”

However, Luke S. wasn’t convinced his rival’s intentions were pure, telling him flat out:

“With you, it’s just lie after lie, manipulation after manipulation. I wish Hannah could see what’s going on right now.”

The viewers can see, of course. And numerous celebrities can see, having alerted Hannah to all the clear red flags Parker is basically waving high in the air.

But Hannah continues to either be blinded by …read more

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