Kanye West’s praise for Donald Trump reveals the enduring appeal of the daddy dictator

Kanye West hugs Donald Trump

West declared that he “didn’t have a lot of male energy in my home.” The implication being that Donald Trump could give him what he so desperately craved growing up.

As babies, we either instinctively or through heavy amounts of prodding, look to objects for comfort in times of distress – blankets, towels, stuffed animals, dummies, and the like. Adults, for the most part, give up this habit, unless you count putting a burning stick of cancer-causing chemicals in your mouth. Not so for Mr Kanye West, who stated during a rambling press conference with President Donald Trump that his Make America Great Again hat made him feel “like Superman”. Tying a blanket around my neck like a cape made me feel like Superman when I was five, so I can relate. But I also frequently wet myself at that time, so it’s hard to really take all that seriously.

“This hat, it gives me power, in a way,” West said forcefully, his voice struggling to stay above the cacophony of camera shutters opening and closing during his remarks. Wistfully describing his troubled family life, West declared that he “didn’t have a lot of male energy in my home” (his parents divorced when he was three years old). The implication being that Donald Trump – his bluster, his unwillingness to capitulate or show remorse, his overall air of intense self-satisfaction – could give him that strength he so desperately craved growing up. “I’m married to a family that, umm…you know, not a lot of male energy goin’ on,” he continued, referencing the decidedly matriarchal Kardashian family, whose father figure is the world’s preeminent trans celebrity.

Kanye West couldn’t bring himself to vote for Hillary Clinton, he says, because the former secretary of state, US senator, and first lady could not make him …read more

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