Emmanuel Macron Wants to Be Globalism’s Champion. Here’s Why He’s Failing

There aren’t many people willing to defend the idea of globalism these days. French President Emmanuel Macron offers his leadership, but it’s far from clear he can deliver. Here’s why the self-appointed lonely champion of globalism looks set to get even lonelier:

Trouble at home

Since taking office in the spring of 2017, Macron’s popularity has steadily dropped among French voters—he currently has approval ratings in the 20’s (other pollsters have him even lower than that). Multiple factors have contributed to his fall from political grace—there was the Benalla scandal, where his bodyguard beat up a May Day protestor; then there was the time he was captured on camera telling an unemployed person that he could find work easily by “crossing the street” to a nearby café or restaurant.

Both incidents feed into the narrative that Macron, a former investment banker, is a man out of touch with the common French person. It’s a charge that’s only gotten more traction as he’s attempted to bring pro-business reforms to the country’s labor code, putting him at odds with the country’s all-powerful labor unions. The country’s headline economic growth is sluggish, and unemployment remains north of 9%, which is approximately where it was when he took office.

In fact, the only people who seem to be giving up their jobs these days are Macron’s own ministers, three of whom have already resigned his administration. Rumor has it Macron was considering a cabinet reshuffle just this week… but he’s had to postpone because of a dearth of qualified candidates willing to take up a post in his administration. It’s hard to be an effective globalist on the world stage when you’re struggling to stay politically relevant back home.

The Iranian problem

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