Thomas Ravenel Accused of Sexually Assaulting Nanny While His Baby Slept Nearby

Thomas Ravenel Photo

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel has been accused of sexual assault by two different women.

Initially, only one woman was identified.

Now, the other has come forward to reveal herself. And viewers of Southern Charm will recognize her.

A woman whom viewers know as “Nanny Dawn” has identified herself to People as the woman who reported Ravenel to police on May 7.

Dawn, who asked People to refrain from using her last name under the circumstances, appeared on Southern Charm as the nanny for Ravenel’s two young children.

She reveals that, though he is now under investigation by police, she is not overly optimistic about him actually acing justice.

“Although I believe he should be in jail for his crimes, the reality according to statistics is that he will go unpunished.”

She’s right about the statistics, though many have pointed out that after Cosby’s guilty verdict, which was once thought almost impossible despite 60 accusers, the #MeToo movement has shifted the culture.

Perhaps the quest for justice in sexual assault cases is no longer as hopeless as it once was. But either way, Dawn is coming forward for a reason.

“I feel the only justice I will receive is to share my story in the efforts to educate the public and support assault survivors.”

Dawn was also willing to share details of her allegations.

She says that in January of 2015, she reported for work as Ravenel was heading out to dinner.

“Thomas returned home from an evening with friends.”

She says that she was still working at the time, though his young children were asleep.

“I had just finished making baby food and was drying baby bottles.”

She says that he then turned off the light. When she told him that she needed the lights on to see, she alleges that he entered the room and attempted to kiss …read more

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