Dick Harmon: Who’s that working security at Jazz home games? Former BYU center Gary Trost

PROVO — You couldn’t miss him.

His 6-foot-10 frame towered above the crowd on the concourse of Vivint Arena as he walked in his gray security garb. Again, during a skirmish between players during a Jazz game, Gary Trost is a can’t-miss guy right there by the bench, protecting personnel and providing security.

A former Granite High and BYU center, Trost has had a lifetime of saving the day, and seeing him during an NBA game on TV doing his job reminded me of a story he told me more than 20 years ago. He was a student-athlete, newly married and on vacation in Idaho. It was the day he helped save a Las Vegas family from their burning SUV.

It remains one of the more remarkable stories I’ve come across in my newspaper career.

It was 6:09 p.m., in August 1992 on Highway 20 just outside Ashton, Idaho, when Dave and Sheryl Lund and their family entered a Twilight Zone of sorts. Unconscious and helpless in the passenger seat of a 1979 Suburban, Dave learned a few hours later he’d nearly lost his wife and likely other members of his family if not for a 6-10 Eagle Scout who’d made it his life mission to help others.

The Lund family had just fueled up in Idaho Falls. A Las Vegas pharmacist, Dave and his 17-year-old son Dan, were in the front seat with Sheryl, who was driving. Daughters Holly, 7; Jessica, 9; Heather, 14; and Melissa, 18 were in the back seats. It was a Yellowstone vacation trip. All but Sheryl and one of the girls were asleep.

A 3-ton potato truck, driven by a 17-year-old, swerved in front of the Lund vehicle, making a turn to a side road. The Lund SUV was going 50 miles per hour and Sheryl was standing on the …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Sports News


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