Terry Glavin: The despots of the world have taken our measure. And found us weak

It was seven years ago this week that the bright hopes of a nonviolent, democratic revolution erupted in people singing and marching peacefully in the streets of Syria. Since then, seven decades’ worth of solemn UN covenants, international treaties and binding conventions have gone up in flames in the hellhole of corpse heaps, concentration camps and ruined cities that the Baathist mass murderer Bashar Al-Assad has been permitted to make of his country.

Out of a population of 22 million people seven years ago, half have been rendered homeless. Six million people are subsisting in the shambles of rubble and bomb-collapsed buildings. More than five million people have fled as refugees. The death count released Monday by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 511,000. Almost all of them were killed by Assad’s barrel bombers or his shabiha death squads, or Vladimir Putin’s fighter-bombers, or Iranian militias, or holy warriors from Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah. For all its savagery, the Islamic State was never more than a bit player in the bloodletting.

Throughout the political classes of the G7 countries — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States — there is enough cowardice and shame to go around, across the spectrum from left to right, that the straightforward reason why this catastrophe has unfolded is rarely mentioned out loud: Assad has taken our measure and his calculations have been right on the mark. He’s not alone. It started with the clever and swaggering Barack Obama, but every tyrant in the world has now had the benefit of a good long look at the Donald Trumps, the Theresa Mays, the Justin Trudeaus and the Angela Merkels, and they have reached a perfectly sensible conclusion. All of our talk about the inviolability of the liberal democratic order, the superiority of …read more

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