Fitbit Finally Made a Smartwatch I Can’t Wait to Wear

Despite being the company’s first effort to expand beyond fitness tracking, Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch always felt like it was meant for the gym and little else. Now Fitbit wants to prove that it’s serious about broadening its reach with its upcoming Versa smartwatch, featuring an an all-new look that feels more like a high-end timepiece than a sports watch.

The Fitbit Versa is available for preorder now and launches in April for $199.95, making it much less expensive than both the $329 Apple Watch Series 3 and $299.95 Fitbit Ionic. The company is also releasing a $229.95 Versa Special Edition that includes support for Fitbit Pay, its mobile payment service.

Whereas last year’s Ionic looked very much like a runner’s watch, the Versa has a sleeker, polished appearance that more closely resembles the Apple Watch. The watch’s face has a softer look with rounded edges, while Fitbit will be selling new watch bands in various styles and colors similar to Apple’s accessories. Buyers will be able to choose from breathable rubbery sports bands for working out as well as options made from Horween leather, stainless steel, and metal mesh. The watch itself comes in black, silver, and rose gold color options.

Fitbit says the Versa is the thinnest metal smartwatch sold in the United States — take a look at the photo below to see how it compares to the 38 millimeter Apple Watch in terms of thickness:

Lisa EadiciccoThe Fitbit Versa and the Apple Watch

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