Kim Boutin threatened by fans after she won bronze because a Korean skater was disqualified


Short-track speedskater Kim Boutin was on top of the world after winning bronze in the women’s 500-metre race. Then the Korean fans came for her.

Boutin actually finished fourth in the race but was bumped up to third after South Korea’s Minjeong Choi was disqualified. It was a dramatic moment: The hometown crowd was sure the favourite would come out on top when the officials reviewed the video.

After the race, her social media accounts were flooded with threats and angry fans saying that she cheated and didn’t deserve the medal. Instagram was particularly bad, with a few users making violent threats on one of her posts from the day before competition.

Boutin has now protected all of her social media accounts.CBC is reporting that the RCMP and IOC are looking into the harassment.

A sampling of what she encountered:

IF YOU ARE HUMAN, FORGIVE YOUR MEDAL AND APOLOGIZE OFFICIALLY. I think you are not sports player, and you are not human being.

— Lee Seung (@xg3571) February 13, 2018

Shame on you are you happy?? haha! You must not laugh at that time. You should be fired @kimbtin

— 당근님 (@HeesunKim17) February 13, 2018

She was first pushed by Canada she almost bump on the wall. Minjeong finished 2nd but was later on announced that she was disqualified and was replaced by Canada on the 2nd place. How come?#최민정선수_실격반대

— wheninjeju (@wheninjeju) February 13, 2018

As AOL points out, there was a mob of angry Korean fans who came after Great Britain’s Elise Christie, who was involved in a similar situation in Sochi when they blamed her for a crash that took out Korean skater Park Seung-Hi.

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