Mueller is coming for the Trump syndicate

When Michael Flynn signed on with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign despite not really knowing the candidate personally, the reason seemed obvious: Flynn was pretty much the only retired senior military officer who publicly supported Trump. The two also shared a certain outlook on the world, particularly a penchant for insane conspiracy theories of both the anti-Muslim and anti-Democrat variety. But it turned out that Flynn shares something else with his ex-boss: a deep personal corruption, which made him a perfect candidate for entry to the Trump inner circle.

That characteristic of the president’s orbit — that so many of those around him are in one way or another versions of himself — is providing the fuel for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which may have started with Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign, but is going to reach much farther. And lots of people around Trump are going to find themselves in big trouble.

Let’s start with Flynn, who is looking more and more like pretty much the last person who should ever have been near a classified briefing. Flynn was tossed from the White House after a brief tenure as national security adviser after lying about his contacts …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics

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