This Woman Used Public Money to Buy Her Dog a Tiny Tuxedo. No One’s Even Mad.

An Arkansas woman has pleaded guilty to using public funds for her personal benefit, purchasing, among other things, tickets to sporting events, household goods, a diamond bracelet, and a tiny tuxedo for her pet dog.

According to the Associated Press, Kristi Goss, formerly an administrative assistant for the Garland County judge in Hot Springs, Arkansas, pleaded guilty after authorities accused her of illegally charging $200,000 to a credit card for the county.

While the law isn’t looking kindly on Goss’ misuse of the credit card, the Internet has found immense joy in her decision to use the funds to invest in formalwear for her pooch.

Moral of the story: Dogs in tuxedos are an excellent way to divert attention from your fraudulent use of funds.

Woman admits using county cash to buy dog tuxedo #NBC4

— NBC4 Columbus (@nbc4i) September 13, 2017

what’s the problem, he looks great

— Jessica Roy (@JessicaKRoy) September 13, 2017

okay but the county NEEDED to see that dog in that tuxedo. it was for the good of the people

— 2 shainz (@tweetinOBERhere) …read more

Source:: Time – Science

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