Could an ‘Evil Twin’ Hack Trick Your iPhone’s Facial Recognition?

The iPhone X made its highly-anticipated debut Tuesday at Apple’s keynote event and one of its standout features is what the company calls Face ID. Gone is the fingerprint-required Touch ID, and in is a facial recognition software that allows users to unlock the phone, authenticate downloads and make purchases with Apple Pay. Naturally, the question on everyone’s mind is: can this technology be hacked?

Apple insists Face ID, which maps its user’s mug with 30,000 invisible dots within its so-called TrueDepth camera, is secure and stores data locally on the phone — which should prevent hackers from being able to breach information from a larger database. But what if it wasn’t a remote cybercriminal trying to access your phone from a distance but rather someone much closer like, say, a family member? Like a twin.

“Could an identical twin trick the machine? I suppose the answer is yes,” said Mike Shultz, founder and CEO of Cybernance, an Austin-based cyber risk management firm.

“I think a twin could be a possible problem if you were truly an identical twin,” added Chris Dore, an attorney at Edelson PC who specializes in consumer technology and privacy issues.

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Source:: Time – Science

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