In defense of Peter Daou’s dumb app

Peter Daou is forever being dunked on. The former Clinton strategist has become a figurehead on Twitter for his absurd loyalty to Hillary, and his brash yet naïve political pronouncements have led to him being mercilessly mocked. The Outline called him “the weirdest man alive,” while the New Republic said he is an embarrassment to Clinton.

So when Daou this week launched Verrit, a website dedicated to providing verified soundbites and facts for supporters of Clinton to combat the right, it was almost inevitable that mockery would follow. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t justified. Verrit aims to be a site for the 68.5 million people who voted for Hillary, and works by listing facts on small “cards” that purport to be verified with a seven-digit number and that include links to their sources. The point, according to Daou, is to arm supporters of Clinton with the truth against the accusation that has come to dominate online discourse thanks to the president: fake news

The problems with the site, however, should be clear. The little cards, meant to be shared on social media, are easy to fake. The verification process appears to be little more that linking to the …read more

Source:: The Week – Tech

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