9 Smart Things You Can Do With an Old iPhone

If your aging iPhone is too old or damaged to trade in for whatever you think it’s worth, here’s some good news: As long as it can still connect to a wireless network—and every iPhone from the original 2007 model to today’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus still can—there are plenty of ways to use it that don’t require a cellular data plan.

Here are TIME’s picks for the smartest ways to get the most out of an old Apple smartphone.

An iPod replacement

You can use your iPhone as a dedicated music player either by streaming songs from a service like Spotify when connected to Wi-Fi, or by downloading tunes straight to the device. This can be handy in any number of scenarios, especially if you want to listen to music without draining your primary phone’s battery, say during a lengthy commute.

A hands-free screen in the kitchen

You don’t need to buy an Amazon Echo or Google Home to retrieve information without reaching for your phone. You can keep your old iPhone mounted in the kitchen, either on a wall or propped up on a shelf, and use the iPhone’s “Hey Siri” feature …read more

Source:: Time – Technology

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