Apple’s iPhone 8 Could Be Harder to Find Than a Nintendo Switch

Apple’s newest smartphones are always in high demand, but this year’s 10th anniversary edition iPhone could turn out to be even harder to find than Nintendo’s perpetually sold-out Switch game system. That’s because Apple ran into serious production issues manufacturing its next-gen iPhone that could lead to shipping delays when the company’s flagship smartphone is released, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Apple is widely expected to debut a new iPhone with an OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen, facial recognition, wireless charging and a brand new design at an event on September 12. But that decision to employ an OLED screen rather than the liquid crystal displays (LCD) its prior phones have used led to a production snafu that set the company’s manufacturing timetable back by a month, says the report. Apple also reportedly tried to embed a fingerprint sensor in the screen since it plans to eliminate the home button, but ditched that effort as deadlines drew near. The company ran into further screen-related hardships, too: Since the touch panel isn’t integrated with the display module component as is the case with Samsung’s OLED screens, the iPhone manufacturing process requires more steps, says …read more

Source:: Time – Technology

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