Venezuelan’s Opposition Calls For a Strike to Oppose Plans to Rewrite the Constitution

(CARACAS, Venezuela) — Venezuelan opposition leaders called Monday for a 24-hour nationwide strike to increase pressure on the socialist government after more than 7 million people rejected a plan to rewrite the constitution and consolidate the ruling party’s power over the country, which has been stricken by shortages and inflation and riven by more than 100 days of clashes between protesters and police.

U.S. President Donald Trump threatened “strong and swift economic actions” against President Nicolas Maduro’s government if it proceeds with plans for a July 30 election to choose an assembly to retool the constitution. Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the European Union have also come out against the assembly.

“The United States will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles,” Trump said in a strongly worded statement, adding that in that country “courageous actions continue to be ignored by a bad leader who dreams of becoming a dictator.”

Despite the global and domestic calls for him to cancel the constituent assembly, Maduro vowed to press ahead with it.

“I won’t be intimidated,” Venezuela’s president said Monday evening in a speech at the presidential palace.

Venezuela’s opposition said the country’s National Assembly, which it controls, would name new members to the government-dominated Supreme Court, setting up …read more

Source:: Time – World

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