Scott Disick’s Been Making Out With a NEW Mystery Girl!

Oh Lord

It looks like maybe Bella Thorne’s milked Scott Disick for all of the attention that she can, because he’s now been spotted out and about with a new mystery girl.

And, when we say “out and about,” we mean … you know, “openly making out” with her at parties that they reportedly then leave together at, like, 3am. As usual, it would all be totally acceptable behavior for a college student, but it’s wildly inappropriate for a famous father-of-three.

Well, this new “mystery girl” is a mystery no longer, because we now know her name. We just hope that Scott does. …

First of all, we’re sorry if “Bella Throne’s milked Scott Disick” brought you some unwanted images. We never meant to give you nightmares.

Scott’s seemed like he’s been on an endless bender, lately.

(Seriously, Scott Disick’s friends are worried about his drinking and ensuing behavior)

It seems like he no longer cares if Kourtney will take him back.

He almost certainly does, of course.

It looks like he’s trapped in a vicious cycle of his own making, and here’s how we think that it plays out:

He looks at what he’s done, is disgusted with himself, and feels sad that he’s lost Kourtney forever.

And then, …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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