Here’s What Euron Greyjoy’s ‘Priceless Gift’ for Cersei Lannister May Be in Game of Thrones

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Although Cersei Lannister rejected Euron Greyjoy’s marriage proposal in the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones, the King of the Iron Islands promised to return to the capital with a “priceless gift” that would change her mind.

At this point it’s unclear what could possibly convince Cersei to enter into another political marriage — especially if Euron’s fleet of 1,000 ships wasn’t enough to sway her. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing about how he intends to gain her trust.

Some think the gift will be none other than Cersei and Jaime’s estranged brother Tyrion, who became Daenerys’ Hand of the Queen after fleeing King’s Landing in season four. Euron referenced Tyrion twice during his pitch, alluding first to Twyin’s death at Tyrion’s hands and then defending his murder of Balon by suggesting that Cersei see how “wonderful” it feels to kill her own brother.

Others think Euron will try to capture another member of Dany’s camp to hand over, with three strong candidates being Euron’s niece Yara, Cersei’s longtime nemesis Olenna Tyrell or Myrcella’s murderer Ellaria …read more

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