Dean Unglert Before The Bachelorette’s Hometown Dates: PLEASE Be Nice About My Dad!

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It’s that time again for The Bachelorette’s hometown dates — always illuminating and often fateful for contestants.

Dean Unglert is a favorite this year, and of course he’s one of the suitors who’s getting a hometown date with Rachel Lindsay.

Dean’s family’s come up before, so he’s taken to the interwebs to issue a plea for religious tolerance — because his dad, as you may remember, is a Sikh.

If you’re scratching your head for a moment and wondering who takes issue with Sikhs, the issue is a little more complicated than that.

Sikhism is, like every faith, complicated, but essentially it’s a panentheistic religion believing in a single God who permeates and transcends every aspect of the universe.

Many people minority faiths see discrimination and mockery, particularly when they are poorly understood by the culture in which they live.

Unfortunately, two realities of Sikhs have led them to face real violence from bigots.

Sikhs wear turbans over their uncut hair as a matter of religious expression.

While Sikhism accepts converts (like, say, Dean’s father), they do not actively seek to convert anyone, and because of that there is a powerful ethnic association for Sikhs.

The result is that you have brown-skinned people wearing turbans and, well, bigots …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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