Breaking Down the Hidden Clues in Samwell Tarly’s Citadel Research on Game of Thrones

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

The season seven premiere of Game of Thrones saw Samwell Tarly experiencing the less-than-glamorous aspects of training to become a maester of the Citadel, including cleaning out his superiors’ chamber pots. However, after having a chat with Archmaester Ebrose — played by Jim Broadbent — Sam was inspired to break into the Harry Potter-esque restricted section of the Citadel’s library to seek answers about defeating the White Walkers.

“He’s not gone to the Citadel for an easy life for himself,” John Bradley, who plays Sam, told TVLine. “When he appealed to Jon Snow, he said, ‘Send me to the Citadel because that’s where I can do the most good… I will help you win this war.’ He wants to go to the Citadel and work, and find knowledge that he can apply that’s going to change the course of things for everybody.”

Later, as Sam pored over the “borrowed” books at home with Gilly and baby Sam, there was moment when the camera panned over the pages he was reading to reveal a picture of a dagger with striking similarities to …read more

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