McDonald’s New Soft Serve Looks Like A Minion & Tastes Like Banana Milk

Most kids remember McDonald’s movie tie-ins. Nary a Disney movie or kid-oriented G-rated film hit the theater without a Happy Meal celebration at the Golden Arches. Well, not much has changed, but the latest movie-related promotion is something a grown-up can order up without feeling the pang of embarrassment that comes with asking for a Happy Meal toy.

Banana Cone from @mcdsg . This simple banana soft serve is so creamy and packed with lots of banana flavour! And it’s only $1. Say what?! . The bright yellow colour is so happy looking, bound to chase away those Monday Blues

A post shared by Calvin Lee (@foodmakescalhappy) on Jun 18, 2017 at 4:52pm PDT

PopSugar reports that McDonald’s is celebrating the release of Despicable Me 3 with a Minion-themed twist on its soft serve ice cream cone. But before you head to your local McD’s, know that like the Japanese Sakura Ice Cream Float and Hong Kong’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese Toastie grilled sandwiches, the brand-new Banana Cone is only available abroad. Specifically, the Minion-inspired cone is being served up in Singapore, so fans looking to get the requisite Instagram …read more


Source:: Fresh News – Culture

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