We just heard Jared Kushner speak publicly for the first time in his White House role

kushner speaks

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, spoke publicly for the first time on Monday in his role as adviser to the president.

Kushner has been tasked with overseeing a number of initiatives in the Trump administration, including: brokering peace in the Middle East, revamping the federal government, tackling the opioid epidemic, and heading the Office of American Innovation.

During his remarks on Tuesday, Kushner spoke about actions the administration was taking in order to improve government efficiency.

“To date we’ve been working with hundreds of talented civil servants, men and women who want to serve their country and see their government do better,” he told a group of tech leaders. “We have challenged ourselves to pursue change that will provide utility to Americans far beyond our tenure here.”

He continued: “Together, we have set ambitious goals and empowered inter-agency teams to tackle our objectives. It’s working and it’s very exciting.”

Here’s a clip of Kushner’s remarks:

He speaks! Have you ever heard Jared Kushner’s voice before? Here you go. pic.twitter.com/QKElf1bynn

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) June 19, 2017

His statement came amid reports that he is considering shaking up his legal team and stacking …read more


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