The US, Russia, and Iran are edging closer to an all-out clash in Syria

Syria Badia al Tanf tank Bashar Assad

This weekend, for the fourth time in a month, US-led coalition forces clashed with forces backing the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The incident — the downing of a Syrian army jet in northern Syria — is another lurch toward what could be a fight that draws powers like Iran as well as the US and Russia into a conflict spanning the region.

On Sunday, US military officials said Syrian pro-government forces attacked the village of Ja’Din, south of Tabqah and west of Raqqa.

The strike reportedly wounded members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is a coalition of mostly Arab and Kurdish fighters who have become important US partners in the fight against ISIS.

Coalition fighter jets reportedly halted that outbreak of fighting with show of force.

About two hours later, a Syrian SU-22 jet again struck SDF fighters, dropping munitions with little warning, according to US Central Command spokesman Col. John Thomas, who said there were US forces in the area that were not directly threatened. US aircraft tried to contact the Syrian jet but failed to do so, Thomas said.

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Source:: Fresh News – Business

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