The Real Reason The Beyhive Is Shading Matthew Knowles

The spoiler of the year did not come when those hackers leaked a bunch of Orange is the New Black episodes earlier this year. It came yesterday, when Matthew Knowles became the first member of Beyoncé’s family to confirm the birth of her and Jay-Z’s twins. When it comes to making her private life public, Beyoncé does everything with intentionality and perfect execution. A month after their classy official statement on the birth of Blue Ivy, we got a perfectly angled picture of the infant with a handwritten letter signed by the Carters.

For the Beyhive, our excitement about the actual birth of the twins is overshadowed by the anticipation of exactly how Beyoncé is going to tell us about it. We may as well be waiting for a new video to drop. Frankly, Matthew’s textgram with a cheesy balloon background and hashtags was not the announcement we were looking forward to. This is part of the reason he’s currently being dragged on social media, but it certainly isn’t the only reason.

Jay-Z wasn’t the only subject of the shots fired on Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Many of the songs and poems in the film also appeared to reference the shortcomings …read more

Source:: Fresh News – Culture

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