Republican leaders are stuck in a tough balancing act on one of the biggest issues with their healthcare bill

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Senate Republican leadership is trying to thread the needle in their bill to bridge one of the biggest healthcare divides in the party.

Axios’ Caitlin Owens and The Hill’s Peter Sullivan reported Monday that party leadership is attempting to placate both conservatives and more moderate members on the key issue of Medicaid spending. But the top brass seems to favor deeper cuts in the long run.

Rank-and-file GOP senators have been divided on Medicaid funding since the beginning of the debate over the new healthcare overhaul.

Some members, especially in states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, want to preserve higher federal funding levels to help maintain access to healthcare for the low-income people Medicaid is designed to help.

More conservative members have decried the expansion as a new entitlement and believe its funding should be stripped immediately.

Here are the three big changes being discussed, according to the reports:

Phase Medicaid expansion out over three years starting in 2020. That is different than the House bill, which would drop the increase in federal funds for the Medicaid expansion immediately after 2019. It would likely please moderates and members in Medicaid expansion states.
Change the formula for growth in Medicaid spending …read …read more

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