‘It’s harassment honestly’: Georgia voters are sick of hearing about Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel

The special election in Georgia’s 6th district has become the most heavily funded election for the House of Representatives in history, with about $50 million being spent to support candidates Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff, but it has agitated local voters unused to the national press scrutinizing their politics.

The onslaught of political advertising and campaigning has bothered or outright enraged several voters Business Insider talked to in the district.

“I have received non-stop calls, texts emails for two months solid. It’s harassment honestly,” local artist Sydney Daniel told Business Insider. “I liked Ossoff before but now I don’t want to vote at all because of how obnoxious and ruthless they have been.”

The outreach, as well as the funding, has mostly been associated with Ossoff, the Democratic candidate. The election has taken on an outsized importance as Democrats are hoping for a chance to win the district as part of their bid to flip Republican congressional seats after the election of President Donald Trump.

Voters in Georgia’s sixth district don’t seem accustomed to all the attention.

“Phone Calls, junk mail, emails, and guys coming up to my door banging for a vote,” Rebecca Honness, a lifelong resident of the …read …read more

Source:: Fresh News – Business

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