In Non-Twin News, Jay Z Has Teamed Up With Mahershala Ali & Sprint

In terms of big-deal collaborations, nothing could possibly top, y’know, having three babies with Beyoncé. But okay, Jay Z. Now you really have our attention.

Fresh off being inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame — and writing a major op-ed for Time and, oh yeah, welcoming those twins this weekend — the rapper has announced that he’ll be releasing a new album just after midnight on June 30, as many fans had speculated.

Of course, this being Jay Z, it’s not just any album drop. Titled 4:44 — because he and Bey love a certain number so much they gave Blue the middle name Ivy (IV) — the fresh material will be exclusively released to Tidal members and Sprint customers, the latter of whom will receive a free 6-month Tidal HiFi subscription. Pretty much beats stealing that bespectacled “Can you hear me now?” guy away from Verizon.

Here’s where things get really interesting. Rumors have flown for weeks that Mahershala Ali would be shooting some sort of film for the Sprint and Tidal collaboration, and that is indeed the case. What’s more, the Oscar-winning Moonlight actor is joined by Danny Glover and Lupita Nyong’o …read more


Source:: Fresh News – Culture

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